sat. 14: Corona Sunset, Pipa, BRAZIL

fri. 10: 2GTHR, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
sat. 11: This Is Techno, Bahia Blanca, ARGENTINA

sun. 19: Tomorrowland Winter, Alpe-d'Huez, FRANCE
mon. 20:Tomorrowland Winter, Alpe-d'Huez, FRANCE
thur. 23: Tomorrowland Winter, Alpe-d'Huez, FRANCE
sat. 25: El Fortin, Porto Belo, BRAZIL

sat. 01: Chili Mob Cruise, Ilhabela, BRAZIL
sat. 08: Opium Club, Lajeado, BRAZIL
sat. 22: Class, Maringa, BRAZIL
sat. 29: Place Lounge Festival, Cocal Do Sul, BRAZIL

wed. 3: Bivouac (private event), Wavre, BELGIUM
thur. 4: Bivouac, Wavre, BELGIUM
sun. 14: Goupé & Sublimé, Namur, BELGIUM
fri. 19: Jet Lag @ Tanka, Anderlues, BELGIUM

sam. 3: Bivouac, Wavre, BELGIUM
sat. 10: Paon Du Jour, Namur, BELGIUM
sat. 10: Vanilla Sky, Fleurus, BELGIUM
fri. 16: Bivouac, Wavre, BELGIUM
sun. 25: Love Boat, Namur, BELGIUM
fri. 30: Bivouac, Wavre, BELGIUM

sat. 01: 24H Spa-Francorchamps,Spa, BELGIUM
sat. 8: Hey Hoy, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
sat.15: Winter Festival, Green Valley, Camboriu, BRAZIL
sat. 15: Park Art, Pinais, BRAZIL
sat. 15: Playground Music Festival, Itu,BRAZIL
thur. 20: Bivouac, Wavre, BELGIUM
sat. 22: Baroque Club, Sao José, BRAZIL
tue. 25: Apres, Bariloche, ARGENTINA
thur. 27: Invited Brussels by Tomorrowland, Brussels, BELGIUM
sat. 29: Knokke Out, Knokke, BELGIUM
sun. 30: Tomorrowland, Boom, BELGIUM

fri.11: Parc!, Namur, BELGIUM
mon. 14: Cafeina, Antwerpen, BELGIUM
thur. 17: Rockerill, Charleroi, BELGIUM
sun. 20: HappE Garden, Alleur, BELGIUM
fri.25: Scène sur Sambre, Thuin, BELGIUM
sat. 26: Soulcity @ Les Arches, Braine l'Alleud, BELGIUM

sat. 2: Love Boat, Namur, BELGIUM
sat. 2: City Parade, Mons, BELGIUM
sun. 3: Love Boat, Namur, BELGIUM
sat. 9: Leuze Events, Leuze, BELGIUM
thur. 14: Craquage, Namur, BELGIUM
fri. 15: Place de l'Ange, Namur, BELGIUM
sat. 16: Place Marché aux Légumes, Namur, BELGIUM
sun. 17: La Détente, Namur, BELGIUM
mon. 18: La Cuve à Bière, Namur, BELGIUM

fri. 6: Terraza, Florianopolis, BRAZIL
sat. 7: Warung Tour, Guapapuava, BRAZIL
fri. 13: 2GTHR @ Morocco, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
sat. 14: 2GTHR Open Air, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
sun. 15: Club Quba, Mar Del Plata, ARGENTINA
fri. 20: Place Lounge, Cocal Do Sul, BRAZIL
sat. 21: Amazon, Chapeco, BRAZIL

thur. 9: Bivouac @ Jardin d'Hiver of Fox, Brussels, BELGIUM
sat. 18: +55, Curitiba, BRAZIL

sat. 9: Field Club, Papanduva, BRAZIL
sat. 16: Dope, Getulio Vargas, BRAZIL
sun. 31: Club Vibe, Curitiba, BRAZIL


fri. 26: P12, Florianopolis, BRAZIL


Originally stemming from small-town Namur in Belgium, LouLou Players. AKA Jérôme Denis, was not old enough to enjoy the electronic music scene in Belgium from the get go — he was forced to confide in the Cds and records he was able to find in his local record store and the flyers distributed on the streets while local clubs were breaking new ground vis-a-vis electronica. So Jérôme bought turn- & mixtables and records - lots of them - while waiting to become of age. Teaching himself in the art of playing & entertaining, LouLou Players has developed a style that is fresh, deep and groovy, always with the performer's intention of getting people to dance. 

Fast forward to today, Jérôme together has set up his own label LOULOU REC. that comprise more than a dozen releases and the same amount of remixes; further to tracks released on labels such as Flashmob, South Of Saturn, Too Many Rules, Nervous, Kittball and Warung Rec.

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